Our proprietary wine, spirits, & beer distribution solution for Dynamics NAV will help you
deliver more efficiently.

Simplify your complex control
& compliance challenges

The alcohol beverage industry is one of the most demanding for controls and regulatory compliance. As you know, wine, spirits, & beer importers and distributors face challenges from several government agencies at the federal, state, county, and local levels. Enter adWINEtage, Evolutika’s platform that automates processes and provides a bevy of productivity benefits:

Rapid Implementation

Evolutika will handle installation and any customizations quickly, without interrupting your daily ops.

Detailed Reporting

Laid-in inventory, transfer, and warehousing costs allow profitability tracking by vendor, brand, etc.

Compliant Processes

adWINEtage ensures you won’t overlook even the smallest detail in your quest to remain in compliance.

Accurate Inventories

Specialized reservation and allocation tools ensure inventory promised to clients always gets delivered.

Specially Designed Tools

Improved customer satisfaction from functionality guaranteed to eliminate common delivery challenges.

Application Mobility

Cutting-edge programming keeps everyone connected whether in the office or while orders are in transit.



adWINEtage was developed by experts with a wealth of knowledge in various processes related to purchasing, transit to the United States, product registration, proper customs documentation, duties and additional laid-in transport costs, and more.

Here are some adWINEtage features that support businesses importing wine, spirits, & beer:

  • Bonded Warehousing
  • Supplier Sales Restriction Support
  • Federal (TTB) Product Label Registration (COLA)
  • Container Receiving & Accurate Cost Distribution
  • Chargebacks to Suppliers:
    • Marketing Support
    • Depletion Allowances
    • Supplier Pricing / Promotion Support

Distribution NAV

adWINEtage is the ideal platform for any organization that must manage the processes related to marketing, selling, delivering, invoicing, and restocking alcoholic products for customers through various local, state, and federal distribution channels.

Here are some adWINEtage features that support businesses distributing wine, spirits, & beer:

  • Bill & Hold Transactions
  • State Sales Price Filings
  • Product Allocations & Reservations
  • State Product Label Registration (UNIMERC, State-Level)
  • Flexible Price Discount Definitions:
    • Mix & Match, Family Plans
    • On-Premise vs. Off-Premise
    • Quantity, Volume, & Customer-Specific

We provide ERP solutions in 21 states

When manufacturers, wholesalers, and wine, spirits, & beer distributors partner with Evolutika, they receive the tools they need to simplify operations and accelerate growth.

Everything from sales & marketing, order management, and inventory to customer service, eCommerce, and accounting can be integrated on one easy-to-use platform so data moves faster
and orders fly out the door.

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